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Belaire Property Management is a full-service Property Management Agency, specializing in Managing Residential Rental Property in Northern Worcester County in the heart of Central Massachusetts.

We manage small to mid-size residential apartment buildings and smaller commercial properties with attention to detail and customer service as the primary focus of our business. We have a full staff of independent contractors to service all maintenance and service calls from our tenants.

We offer these property management services:

Tenant placement
Credit and criminal screening
Maintenance services
Regular property inspections
Collections and evictions

Our rental policies
Our selection process
Non-smoking properties
Identity theft/fraud protection

Tenant Placement

With advertising continually running on, local newspapers and our Belaire Tenant Newsletters, we take numerous calls daily to keep units fully rented. We require each potential tenant to complete an application in full, then follow up on qualifying leads to verify their employment, rental history, and credit & criminal history. This helps assure that your property will have the best tenant possible.


To save you money, we use our own people to provide quality and timely maintenance for your property. Therefore, you don't have to pay the exorbitant rates charged by others, nor does your property have to wait until they can work it into their schedule. This can save you hundreds of dollars per year.


Approximately every 90 days, we make a thorough inspection of your unit, both inside and outside. This helps us insure your property is being properly cared for.


If rents are not paid on time when they are due on the first of the month, we begin the processes necessary to collect rents or evict tenants. We also maintain rules and regulations in our signed, written one-year leases that clearly define our policies to keep our properties free from lease violations to keep our tenants in good standing happy at our rentals.

Credit and criminal screening

We perform a full credit and background check on ll of our residents. We check for CORI and SCORI results to properly screen our residents who will be living in our rental communities.


We track all rental income, anciliary income and other sources of revenue for each individual properties for our owners. We also provide reports for monthly expenses with copies of all invoices to our owners. Reports are from Quickbooks and saved as Excel documents for ease of use and implementation by our cients.

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Our Rental Policies

Meeting basic rental terms.

Applicants must be able to meet our basic rental terms, which include the rent and security deposit, the tenancy start date, and the maximum number of residents for this rental.

We follow fair housing laws.

We will fully comply with the federal fair housing laws and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, familial status (including age), disability, or sex. We will also follow any state and local laws that forbid additional types of discrimination.

Complete and truthful applications from all adults.

We require a separate application from every adult who will live in the rental. We will reject applications that contain information that we cannot verify or that are incomplete (if a particular item does not apply to you, be sure to write "n/a" on the line so we know that you did not skip it). We will reject applications that list false information, and will terminate the tenancy of anyone who has made a materially false statement on the application that we discover after accepting the applicant.

Additional occupants.

Only those who have submitted a Rental Application, and any listed minor dependents, may live in the rental. Any proposed additional residents (other than minor children) must go through our application process. Assuming the addition of another resident will not result in overcrowding, we will evaluate proposed additional residents as we do any applicant.

Occupancy policy.

In order to prevent overcrowding, we will determine the maximum number of residents who may live in a rental, in keeping with our state's fair housing laws and taking into consideration any limiting factors inherent in the building or property.

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Applicants' identification.

We will need a current photo ID from each adult applicant, such as a driver's license, passport, or military or state identification card. We will need a Social Security number or Individual/Taxpayer's ID number (ITIN) in order to run a credit check. We will handle this information with care and destroy it when it's no longer needed.

We contact references and credit sources
and run a credit check.

We will speak with current and prior landlords, current employers, and run a credit check on all applicants who advance to that stage of our application-screening process. Applicants who are first-time renters, or who are self-employed, may supply alternate types of references (see the instructions to our Rental Application). We will conduct the screening ourselves or hire an independent tenant-screening firm. If you have placed a "freeze" on your credit file, it is your responsibility to lift the freeze to enable us to order your credit report. We strongly urge you to access your credit report (you may get a free report once a year) and check for and correct any inaccuracies, before applying for this rental. Each applicant for whom we run a credit check must pay for this check, in advance.

Financial responsibility.

We rent to applicants who have a history of financial responsibility. Our primary means of evaluating an applicant's financial history is the credit report. If you have a history of delinquent payments or accounts, unpaid debts, or charge-offs (in which a retailer gives up on collection attempts), we may deny your application.

Rental history.

We rent to applicants who have a history of being good tenants, which includes paying rent on time, being considerate of rental property and neighbors, and leaving rental property in good shape when vacating. We require satisfactory references from at least two prior landlords or the equivalent from first-time renters (such as recommendations from teachers, school transcripts, or letters from neighbors).

Criminal history.

We will ask applicants to list any criminal convictions. We will strive to rent to applicants who demonstrate a history of honest, nonviolent behavior, and will not, to the best of our ability, rent to anyone whom we reasonably conclude poses a current, direct threat to persons or property.

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Minimum income.

The combined gross monthly income (before deductions) from all applicants ages 18 and over must be three point seven five (3.75) times the monthly rent. We will verify each applicant's income by asking for pay stubs or tax returns for self-employed applicants. Students or others without an income must supply an acceptable cosigner. The Debt/Income Ratio is determined by totaling up the entire monthly gross income and dividing it by the monthly rent.

Cosigners or guarantors.

If the gross monthly income of an applicant is not three times the monthly rent, we may, at our option, require a guarantor who lives within the state. The guarantor must submit a separate Rental Application and authorize us to use the screening tools we use for any applicant who intends to live here. We will deduct the guarantor's own housing costs from his or her gross monthly income before we consider the income's sufficiency. We look forward to finding you a rental to suit your needs.

Holding deposit.

If your application is accepted, we will ask you for a holding deposit of $500, which we will apply in full to the first month's rent when you move in. If you fail to move in after orally accepting our offer or signing a lease or rental agreement, the deposit will be applied to any damages, including lost rent and costs of re-renting, that we may suffer.

Criminal background check.

We will check available databases, including Megan's Law databases, to determine whether applicants have been convicted of a crime. We may hire a criminal-backgroundscreening firm to perform this search. This screening will be done subject to restrictions on available data. We do not guarantee that the screening will reflect all criminal history or an applicant's current criminal status. We require your written consent for this check. More information will be provided to you upon request.

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Tenant-screening firm.

We may contract with a tenant-screening firm, which may report on your credit history, character, reputation, personal characteristics, and personal history (including evictions and criminal convictions). This check may involve any state's Megan's Law database. We require your written consent for this check. More information will be provided to you upon request.


If your pet causes a serious disruption or damages the property, your tenancy may be terminated.

Residential use only.

This rental is for residential use only, subject to any state or local laws that apply.

Legal status in the United States.

We will ask every applicant for proof that they are legally in the United States, which may be supplied by showing us a current passport, birth certificate, or valid documentation from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. We will not rent to people who cannot supply such proof.

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Our Selection Process

We will review applications in the order
in which we receive them.

We will date- and time-stamp each application and begin the review process as soon as possible. We will also note when we have completed our review process.

We will evaluate your application as soon as we can.

Usually, the evaluation process takes a few days. We will offer the rental to the most-qualified applicant, and if applicants are equally qualified, we will make an offer to the applicant whose application was received first. We will send written or email notifications to applicants whom we cannot accept.

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Non-smoking Properties

As or December 2012 all of our new lease agreements have had in full affect our addendum and written policy for smoke-free buildings. We will continue to roll out this program with further notices and announcements to educate and instruct all residents of these policies and how they will go into affect over a 12 month period as their current lease expires. At which time, all Belaire Property Management residential and commercial rental units will be smoke-free environments.

The decision has been made by the property owners and the management for all property being managed by Belaire Property Management to become smoke free, including all apartments, residential and commercial spaces.

There are several important reasons for the rule change. Most importantly, smoking in common areas exposes our nonsmoking residents to secondhand smoke, thereby increasing their risk the of numerous, well documented adverse health effects caused by exposure. Additionally, some of our common areas are potentially covered by the statewide smoking law (M.G. L. c. 270, sec. 6) and thus, are required to be smoke free.

The only way to prevent smoke from seeping into common areas and the apartments of nonsmokers is to prohibit smoking entirely in and around the building.

The adverse health effects of secondhand smoke are well documented. A smoke free property will help protect the health of residents and their families. To the residents who smoke, you are welcome to continue living in the building, as long as you refrain from smoking while on the property.

The rule change will occur when leases are renewed. As new residents move in and current residents renew their leases, the no smoking rule will become effective for their apartments.

This means that during the next year, some residents might not be prohibited from smoking inside their apartments, not until their leases are renewed. I ask for your cooperation as I phase in the new rule. (Please note that I reserve the right to prohibit smoking immediately.)

In addition, effective immediately, smoking is prohibited in all common areas of the building, including but not limited to, hallways, stairways, foyers, common rooms and facilities, fire escapes, decks, patios, exterior landings, front steps, entrance ways, basements, storage areas and other building facilities. Smoking means the inhaling, exhaling, breathing, carrying, or possession of any lighted cigarette, cigar, pipe, other product containing any amount of tobacco, or other similar lighted product.

Please inform your guests that smoking is prohibited. You will be held responsible, if your guest violates the no smoking rule.

I sincerely hope that all residents, even those who smoke, will continue to enjoy living in the building. I embrace this small change as an opportunity to ensure that the building is a healthier and cleaner place for all residents and guests.

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Our Identity Theft & Identity Fraud Protection Policy

All information received during the rental application process is private and privileged information. This information will be used for the sole purposes of verifying the applicant information in assessing the qualifications of the applicant.

This information will not be sold, distributed, or posted in any electronic form before, during, or after the tenancy has ended. None of our applications are ever scanned, saved or transmitted electronically and are photocopied once for the outside the tenant folder.

The signed original remains on file inside the tenant’s folder. All files are kept in locked file drawers, in a locked office, locked in our place of business. Our business is further protected by a Brink’s Security system. We are required by law to hold onto any rental applications and records up to 6 years after the tenancy has terminated at which time any remaining personal information may be shredded and/or burned.

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All of our Apartments For Rent are Smoke-Free Rental Property!

Find out more about our property management company and what we can do for you by calling 978-448-0669 today.

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